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Have you heard of a city named Causewsy Bay?

There are many interesting places to visit in Hong Kong. Causewsy Bay is such a place. You will get a lot historical places and amusements there to enjoy.So, let us learn more about the city of Causewsy Bay. If you are looking for affordable hotel causeway bay, then visit us.

The most facing street in the world

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Located on Hong Kong Island, Causeway Bay vies hard with Fifth Avenue in New York for the crown to the most expensive street in the world; the square meter in both oscillates around the 3,000 dollars. All of it is a paradise for shopping. From the exclusive – and very expensive – warehouses like Lee Gardens, Hysan Place, Times Square or Fashion Walk, to the favorites of the youngest ones for their more affordable prices, the SOGO Japanese stores. You should also get lost in the shopping center Island Beverly Center and the street market Jardine’s Crescentwhere you can and should bargain until you get the best prices. Many stores are open until well after midnight. In Causeway Bay you can also find the National Library and the largest and most attractive public park in Hong Kong, Victoria Park, where it is possible to join an outdoor tai chi class or dedicate yourself to its contemplation. Visit our website for mini hotel agoda.

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