Pros and cons of Instagram

Every media, whether social or not, has its perks and downs. Instagram is no exception to this. There are several ways, Instagram has revolutionalized the social media. It allows sharing of photos over so many different social media. On the other hand, not being able to use it on the computer is somewhat of a disappointment.


1- Free app

Since the app is free, you can use it as much as you want. Had Instagram been a paid service, it wouldn’t have become this popular. The three qualities of ease, speed, and cost-free are what makes Instagram a truly wonderful app.

2- Many functions

Instagram has many functions within one app. It allows capturing, editing, sharing of photos and videos. There are built-in editing tools that can help you make unique edits. New features constantly added on the website make it both interesting and fresh.

3- Share

Instagram allows you to share posts instantly. Not only are the posts shared with your Instagram followers, you can also share them with followers on other social media.

4- Large coverage

Instagram has a large coverage. You can share your Instagram post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc for free. purchase instagram followers itself has a huge database, and when linked with other social media, its coverage becomes exponential.


1- Mobile device

Since Instagram is an app, you can not use a computer to make posts on Instagram. You will need the assistance of some other mobile device to do so.

2- In-built advertisements

In order to earn, Instagram may post advertisements even without your consent. So you need to be prepared for that

3- Unwanted followers

Sometimes, people, you don’t know and don’t want to know may follow you and post comments and remarks that are offensive to you.

While the cons of Instagram are far less than its pros, using some precautions, you can get the better of Instagram. In order to enlarge your advertisement campaign, you can buy Instagram followers. This will give you a large coverage and hence popularity. You can purchase Instagram followers from befollowers at very good rates.