Substitute which gives hiring result


It is very important to hire a right people because a right attitude can benefits a company in a great way. In order to hire an employee in a company there are important role of HR services, it is a huge thing to manage human resource for company profits. Every business need employee and HR services are them who arrange any people for company’s profit. So this is the main responsibility of HR team in a company to recruit a cream person from the crowd.

Why company should have HR team

Now a day if a company has fulfill employee need then they take the help of hr recruitment agency. Not only small company but also big company gives a contract to this agency to have fulfilled the employee requirement. Actually it saves many things like time, space, work as well as cost. Since HR Company deals with many company so they have lot of experience and on the basis of experience the select a perfect candidate for the country.

Process of recruitment

Many companies have their own recruitment cell but there is Startup Company which does not have recruitment cell so they place their order to any reputed HR agency to hire a perfect candidate for their company. The process of hiring consists of several steps such as analyzing of job, sourcing along with screening and lastly selection. Apart from this there is outsourcing process as well which is a form of BPO, Business process outsourcing.


Recruitment is the processes of selection of proper candidate which include summon of candidate to a common place and perform short listing and selection of a suitable candidate for a job. Today internet based recruitment is widespread. Intrudingly the internal recruitment is the selection process which held within the organization for example you were working in an organization and your organization has a vacancy and you fulfill the criteria and got promotion. Apart from this we are quite familiar with an external recruitment.