sweet wormwood benefits

The sweet wormwood extract side effects

Sweet Wormwood Benefits and Side Effects 

If there’s one thing you didn’t know that this world is amazing in making, that is having a lot of medical plants that can heal and do wonders to people. Let’s see Malaria as one of today’s number one causing death disease. Doctors, from all over the world, took the effort and time plus dedication to find ways in treating this disease and to help heal people who have suffered it. As there have been a lot of drug tests and a lot of research over the years, there have been finally one answer to this. Artemisinin has escalated from the local practice in China and eventually become a global solution to treating Malaria. Artemisinin or otherwise called as sweet wormwood contains anti-malarial agents that will kill Malaria virus in the person’s body. Today, this blog post will talk about the sweet wormwood benefits and its side effects.  But first, let us get to know a few information about Artemisinin.

What is Artemisinin?

Artemisia Annua or Sweet worwoord is a medical plant that is originally native in China and is locally known as qing ho. It’s the fruits of Artemisia Annua plant or Artemisinin that has clinical elements that fights off Malaria. Artemisia Annua was first discovered by the physicians in the Chinese communities during the 4th century. Since then it has been used as a natural remedy. It is also used and well known for its properties that best in reducing fever. It was first consumed in the form of tea then eventually turned into a drug by further technologies. Now, Artemisinin grew globaly since the recommendation of WHO or World Health Organization. This plant definitely can boost your immune system and kill radical organisms prevailing inside your body. The immediate effect of this drug makes it more effective in its use. Also, aside from Malaria it is also used to treat Hemorrhoids and even other more diseases. 

Benefits of Sweet Wormwood

Basically, artemisinin is worldly accepted and used for its Malarial healing benefits. But actually, there’s still more to that. Here are some  sweet wormwood extract side effects.

1.It prevent Infections

sweet wormwood benefitsThis drug has been effective in developing immunity in your body against malarial parasites. When it is combined with anti malarial drugs, artemisinin can effectively stop the microbial activity that leads to infections and healthy conditions like Hepatitis B and C.

2.Aids Cancer Treatment

The extract of Artemisia has anti tumor effects which makes it useful for the treatment of cancer it also has elements with other certain kind of chemotherapy which to increase the survival rate.

Side Effects of Sweet Wormwood

Basically, sweet wormwood is helpful in treating Malaria— in fact is is very very effective. However, it is also best to know that along with taking this drug, or even any other drugs, there are still sweet wormwood extract side effectst that you may experience.

Here are a few marginal side effects you can experience:

You may, however, experience marginal effects like:

  • Headaches,
  • Dizziness,
  • Fever,
  • Nausea, and
  • Sweating.