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Here’s How VPN 翻牆is Becoming a Messiah in China

The Great Firewall of China is a set of technologies, restrictions, and regulations deployed by the government intending to block all sorts of foreign content. The country-wide digital prison, Great Firewall of China, prevents the citizens of China from getting access to various content forms on the World Wide Web. The censorship on foreign content and sites has cut off the country from the rest of the world while reducing the fundamental freedom of its people. Therefore, the citizens are resorting to VPN 翻牆 for defeating restrictions imposed on them.

What is an Over the Wall VPN?

Over the Wall VPN is a software which grants users the access to services and sites which are usually blocked by China’s GFW. Government authorities and ISPs work together for implementing restrictive legislation, firewalls, and digital blockages for preventing people from getting access to content from across the globe.

Users in China use VPN services or proxies for getting over the wall. Proxies are not very reliable as they can easily leak the user’s IP address. On the other hand, VPN services come with robust security features which cloak the user identity while letting them penetrate the wall. VPN providers work as saviors for people bearing the brunt of censorship in China. Users need to have the correct VPN along with some essential features to escape governmental surveillance with no worries of security.

VPN 推薦 How does an Over the Wall VPN help?

We live in a world where information regarding any subject is just a few clicks away. Every individual must ideally have equal rights for accessing the data. Scientific, political and social progress of the modern civilization is built upon the foundation of free propagation of knowledge.

Sadly, censorship takes away the freedom of expression as well as the source of knowledge, which is vital for the exchange and development of ideas. In such a scenario, VPN 翻牆 is needed for:

  • Attaining better digital security
  • Enhancing online privacy
  • Unblocking censored content
  • Bypassing geo-restrictions

With the help of an over the wall VPN, you can get access to online services and websites which lie outside the GFW and is beyond your reach. Some of these sites and services include:

  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Torrent sites

Hence, a VPN helps you in staying updated and connected with the rest of the world while escaping the digital darkness mired by China.