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How to choose a “good lawyer” with perfection?

As with any lawyer, the question is frequently asked: how to choose a “good” lawyer? Here are some reflections on this.Click here to know about asset transfer litigation white plains ny.

Define your need

Before looking for a lawyer, it is important to first define your needs. The latter will not be the same depending on whether you are a leader of a multinational who wants to outsource all or part of your legal department in the same firm or conversely, a corporate lawyer who seeks outside advice on a very important issue. or a litigator for a dispute for which the lawyer’s department is required. Visit this site to know about asset transfer litigation white plains ny.

asset transfer litigation white plains nyKnowing the ethics

Abiding by the ethics is very important for a lawyer. Because a “good” lawyer is undoubtedly a lawyer who knows and scrupulously respects his professional ethics. All clients and prospective clients of a lawyer therefore have a great interest in what a lawyer can and cannot do.

The legal profession is regulated. This means in particular that this professional must scrupulously respect a very precise deontology of which the ignorance can be opposed to him, either by his colleagues, or by his customers. It is, moreover, the first difference between a lawyer and a person who unlawfully delivers legal advice, without ethics and without professional liability insurance.

Giving an overview

A good lawyer must be able to tell you that if you choose such a procedure, it will take so many years and will cost so much, that if, during this procedure, something happens (counterclaim for example) then it will be necessary to this or that …

In short, he must be able to give you an overview of the whole process so that you know what you are getting into so that you are not in shock in the middle of the process.

Asking yourself the right questions

Whether you are the legal director of a large company, a craftsman, an employee or a tenant, it is up to you to ask yourself the right questions before definitively fixing your choice on a lawyer. Here are a few.

Do I need a lawyer? Do I need this type of lawyer? Do I have all the information I need about this lawyer? Before giving your written consent to a lawyer to take charge of your file, make sure that you have all the written information you need to make an informed choice.