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How to choose your house building plot?

You have decided to build a house, maybe have you already chosen your model of new house? Now you have to choose a building plot. Although it may seem simple at first glance, the choice of land can often be complex. But do not panic, we give you our best advice for choosing a building plot! Click here for bali villa reviews.

bali villasThe surface of the ground

Small or big ground?Everything depends on your desires and your construction project! However, it is important to note that the surface of your lot will depend heavily on its location and will affect the budget. Indeed, if you buy land in an urbanized area and especially in housing estate, your land will have an average surface area of ​​less than 500m². This is explained by the constraints of joint ownership in these sectors. Visit this site for bali villa reviews.

To enjoy a large garden and have greater freedom, we recommend choosing a land exceeding 500m ².

The shape of the land

The shape of your land will determine the model of individual house that you will build. A square or rectangular ground is particularly recommended to facilitate the construction of your house.

Your land can also be flat or sloping. A flat ground will allow you more ease for construction while a sloping ground will offer you different and original possibilities, in particular for the architecture of your individual house. For sloping terrain, it is particularly recommended not to go beyond 15% inclination at the risk of generating significant costs.

The nature of the soil

The nature of the ground of a lot is very important for the construction of a house. The foundations of your home are particularly conditioned by the nature of the soil. Thus, poor quality soil will have a lower cost to purchase but will require additional work such as soil surveys or reinforced foundations.

To build a detached house, it is recommended to choose rocky soil or sand or gravel. However, clay, silt or fill soil must be avoided.

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