open a company in hong kong

How to incorporate your business?

Many businesses these days are establishing as corporation and if you wish to make your business into a corporation, then you can do it in a few steps You can even incorporate your business in a location that is far away from your place and the process involved is same as when you incorporate it your own state and the cost that you will require doing is also the same.

When you are planning to open a company in hong kong then you should have several documents in your hand readily and not all the states may ask for same documents but most of them need the following information.

  • Your corporation name – it seems like easy but actually it is not, you have to name your company uniquely and if the name of your corporation is already existed in the state, then your application will be rejected.
  • The main place of business of your corporation – nothing but the main location of your business.
  • Name as well as address of the registered agent of your corporation – They are agents who are responsible to get the official papers of your corporation.
  • Duration of corporation – This is nothing but the number of years that your corporation will work.
  • Authorized Stock – A few information about the shares and stock that a corporation can issue
  • Names and addresses of the incorporators – There will be one or more people who are responsible for incorporating a business.

Thus, by incorporating a business, you can raise the image of it among others.