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The roof protects us from different elements. This includes rain, snow, and wind. As well as sunlight and the extremes of temperature. Most homeowners change their roof when they spot a leak in their ceiling. Most often than not, a repair is all you need. Roof replacement costs more. You could save up if you know how to check for signs that you need a new roof. How will you know if you need a roof replacement instead of a roof repair?

Roof age

A typical roof lasts for about two decades or more. It depends on a lot of factors. This includes maintenance, weather, and ventilation.

new roof aurora coCurled and buckled shingles

Check the shingles that get direct sunlight. Shingles curl and lose their granules when they are past their life expectancy.

Roof valleys

This is one of the most important areas of your roof. Shingles falling apart or missing in this area means you need a new roof. Roof leaks are often caused by damaged valleys. Snow and rain flow through them before going into the gutters.

Lost shingles

Make sure all the tabs are intact. Missing shingles mean you need a new roof.

Chimney flashing

Flashing that consists of roof cement or tar is another sign that you need a roof replacement. A metal flashing system would be better. This is a long-term, water-tight fitting.

Shingle granules in the gutters

Check your gutters. Presence of shingle granules in the gutters is a sign that your house needs a new roof.

Daylight coming through

If you see daylight coming through the roof boards in your attic, then you need to replace your roof. Moistened underlying decking gives the roof a spongy feel when you walk on it. Remember to check the insulation for moisture, too.


An older roof does not look as beautiful as a new roof. Sometimes, homeowners decide to change their roof to change its look. They want to change its color so it can match the newly-painted walls. There are also times when there is a new roof type that you want to try.

A roof repair can be sometimes done on our own. It depends on the extent of the damage. A roof replacement is best left to the professionals such as new roof aurora co. If done by an untrained person, it may cost you more money to repair it.