Origin of GDAX


Gdax is otherwise called the Coinbase pro and this is the exchange for the cryptocurrency or the digital currency that will be allowing the people for the trading of the bitcoins or any other digital coins. The customers or the clients of the cryptocurrency now can do their purchases, they can sell or buy in the range of these digital coins through gdax. This gdax is launched in the year 2015 and the name gdax refers to global digital asset exchange. The people who have created the gdax are the one who is part of the same firm that is running the Coinbase and this is now the largest exchange brokers in the whole world.

Trading with the help of GDAX

This platform of the gdax is the middlemen between the sellers as well as the buyers and in return, the gdax is making the money by the charge of the fees for the exchange. This is called the transaction fees and the fees are minimal and affordable when it is compared with the fees that are charged by the Coinbase. This can also be called the more advanced trading or the exchange platform and even the founders wanted to provide the users who are 13 million in number with the advanced version of the Coinbase.

Benefits of gdax

The reason for the creation or the origin of the gdax is that the Coinbase allows only to buy and sell the cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, gdax helps in trading in real-time.

Cons of gdax

Though it has numerous benefits in the trading of the digital currency, it lacks its features in few things like,  the number of coins that are available for buying, selling and trading is really limited. It needs to support a number of other cryptocurrencies also which improves its performance.