Obesity has spread its dark wings across the world. It is already ranked as the biggest killer of all diseases on Earth, even Starvation (which ironically is ranked second). It leads to almost all the known terminal diseases of man. There is now a consorted effort to defeat Obesity as a disease, and Singapore leads the way with some astonishing research and development of new dietary regimes. These techniques bypass the surgical and laser driven technologies so far in use to remove or burn stubborn fat. High Fiber foods Singapore has become an international by-word.

Why High Fiber Foods?

Research has pinpointed high fiber foods, along with necessary exercise, as the single most contributory factor in protecting humans from the onset of Obesity. High fiber and whole grain foods are now being projected as the best way forward to burn fat without surgical intervention, protect from disease and prolong life.

Research in Singapore

Singapore commenced researching in Primary foods to combat Obesity in 2003, when under the leadership of the internationally renowned scientist Lars Brittsjo, a large research team was formed to investigate Obesity and find the best remedies. It was found that, instead of extreme measures like surgically removing undesirable fat, it was best to use a dietary regime that would not only provide nourishment but also burn away fat. The regime was called High Fibre Food Singapore, and was found to tune the digestive system such that the Obesity causing unnatural fat was simply burnt away.