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Last Friday afternoon, many people are planned to protest in phoenix city due to the deaths of Dion Johnson and George Floyd. To control the protested other black men and women while protests, the Phoenix police talk to the people last evening. Even the protestor’s crowd in the city center phoenix to requisition the phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego as well as members of the city council to defund the phoenix police department.

Due to this protest, the police of Phoenix have arrested over 200 people during the night’s protests against police ruthlessness. Around 20 or 30 of the arrested people are accused of disrespectful the curfew order, as police said. The protests by Arizonans demonstrating the police murdered of George Floyd for the 6th straight night on Tuesday was purportedly a massive yet.


Police brutality protests went peacefully in phoenix

Despite the issues caused by clashes with police and robbing in Scottsdale over a weekend, 2nd June event in phoenix done calmly. Even the crowds obey the emergency order of Governor Doug Ducey and dispersed not long after 8 pm as curfew arrived. This part of event was arranged by three churches whose phoenix congregations are mostly Latino as well as African American such as Roosevelt Community Church, Redemption Church Alhambra and All Souls Phoenix.

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