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Nasdaq, a stock exchange headquartered in the United States, has recently started to venture into another field of cryptocurrencies. Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman hinted earlier this spring that the stock exchange would create a cryptocurrency exchange platform in the future.

At the same time, Gemini, the digital currency exchange created by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, announced plans to partner with the exchange. Gemini will use some of Nasdaq’s tools for tracking exchange activity as part of this agreement to improve security. Nasdaq IFBD at also released an article outlining three cryptocurrencies that it thinks are the safest long-term investments.


One of the first virtual currencies that Nasdaq believed to be more efficient. According to a Nasdaq report described by, Stonger “has experienced similar interest from investors and crypto enthusiasts”.


The second digital currency was the Nasdaq stand-alone Litecoin. According to exchange, “One of the key factors in accelerating the value of Litecoin, Blocknet announced that LTC would soon act as a cross-block decentralized application. Nasdaq’s belief in Litecoin’s potential has been bolstered by collaborations between companies both within and outside the digital currency environment.


Finally, Nasdaq identified bitcoin, a long-time favorite digital currency, as a cryptocurrency that is likely to grow in value. Intriguingly, Nasdaq cited the latest Consensus conference in New York as a major factor; in retrospect, Consensus was widely regarded as a dud this year. Despite this, bitcoin remains the most valuable digital currency by market capitalization, the most widely traded on exchanges worldwide, and the most common among all types of investors.

Considerations for Investing IFBD:

  • To better support its growing client base, Nasdaq IFBD-Infobird employs a self-developed cloud computing structure, AI and machine learning capabilities, proprietary Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application technologies, a no-code creation platform, and in-depth industry expertise.
  • China’s cloud infrastructure investment increased from $107 billion in 2019 to $142 billion in 2020; China is the world’s second-largest market for cloud infrastructure spending (after the United States), accounting for 14% of global spending.
  • Intelligent omnichannel customer service assistance, cloud call center utilities, intelligent telemarketing services, and AI voice/text chatbot solutions are among Infobird’s AI Customer Engagement products.
  • AI Salesforce Management tools, such as an intelligent quality inspection platform and a robust training utility, are also available from the organization.
  • With over 10,000 paying user accounts from 358 customers in the banking, education, public services, consumer goods, and health care sectors, Infobird has a large and growing client base.
  • The company’s executive team includes graduates of Tsinghua University and other prestigious universities in China and abroad, with an average of more than two decades of management and technology experience.

Following an initial public offering of 6.25 million ordinary shares at a public offering price of $4.00 per share, Infobird’s stock began trading on the Nasdaq Capital Market on April 20, 2021. You can find more stocks like nasdaq wkhs at