best drip coffee maker

How do you choose the best drip coffee maker?

Most of the homes own a drip coffee maker as this is a common model. It helps them get freshly brewed coffee straight out of bed.

There are many coffee machines. And if you’re in the UK see UK Coffee Machines. The presence of the following features helps you choose a drip coffee maker.

A timer set up

When you have coffee every morning it is beneficial to set up the machine to make it ready as soon as you get up. This is possible with a programmable timer setting. You can add coffee grounds and water the previous night and set the timer to the next morning. It welcomes you with a hot cup of coffee without you having to wait. What a way to start the day, isn’t it?

coffee maker

Built-in filter

A coffee maker to filter water is a good choice. When you have the filter option built-in it is highly beneficial. You can prepare coffee with filtered water. Since there may be some impurities in tap water, this option will help. Even otherwise you can have a separate filtration system and then add filtered water on top.

Hot plate

A thermal carafe at the bottom of the jug is a good value addition. This helps to keep your coffee hot for a long time. It helps a lot when you prepare coffee in bulk. You don’t have to worry about drinking coffee cold or making fresh brew every time you feel like drinking.  This is mostly used by families where many people consume coffee.

Size of the carafe

This is also a consideration in your coffee maker. The small-sized ones occupy less space and are convenient to carry along too. But, these make only a small amount of coffee at a time. A large sized machine can be preferred by those who need to make 8 to 12 cups at a time.