Important steps to follow before setting up a buffet Catering

There are a variety of catering services to choose from for any form of event or occasion. Buffet catering has always been preferred by many people for most events. Setting up a buffet catering service is not a simple job, as it needs a great deal of effort and patience on the part of the person who chooses this form of catering service. To be effective, setting up a buffet catering requires following certain procedures.

The first and most important step is to locate a fair and competent caterer with ample experience in providing buffet catering Sydney services. The organizer must devote some time to conducting a fast search on the internet, in the local newspaper or magazine advertisements, or by consulting well-known sources.

Also, you must decide on the food items, the number of guests who will attend the meeting, and the estimated budgeting for the entire buffet arrangement. Different price quotes should be obtained from the top 5-6 caterers. The organizer will then be able to choose the most suitable catering company.

Following that, you must check with the caterer the estimated number of guests who will most likely attend the function. It’s significant to perform a thorough headcount because determining the exact number of guests attending an event is challenging.

On the day of the event, it is reasonable to expect a 5-10% increase or decrease in the number of guests. Another essential job is to decide on the buffet menu, whether it would be Continental, Oriental, or a combination of both.

The organizer must choose a location for the buffet catering Sydney to take place. In general, more space is needed to accommodate the caterer’s smooth operation. It’s important to note that without more space, the arrangement would be messy and congested. Even the visitors will like to be able to move about freely and comfortably, rather than having to wait in a long line for food.

Finally, there should be clear communication between the event planner and the buffet caterer, which should be effective from the start to the finish. A caterer must be aware of all pertinent information, including the time when the caterer should be ready to serve food and the time when the caterer should leave the location.