Own a condo in Singapore


Owning a condo unit is significantly different than owning a detached house and also it will be more convenient compared to individual or detached houses but there are few important points that have to be noted. The property in the condominium which is brought by the owner will own the interior walls to your unit but not the exterior walls and the owner can make any improvements to that airspace such as paint flooring and cabinets consequently it’s important to understand the condominium declaration and your unit deed. For getting a condominium in Singapore there need to be developers like in the Canninghill Square City Developments Limited who are in wonderful creations providing all kinds of facilities within good area and infrastructure.

Know the condo principles

A condo owner will be owning the space inside the condominium and will be sharing the interest of the ownership in the property of the community like the walls floor sidewalks exterior areas as well as stairwells and the main difference between a condo and an apartment is ownership where the apartment is generally a rented one and the condo is owned property and if you want to make it as an investment this will be the best property for getting into a real estate investment.

This condominium will be providing housing for several families and also as the commercial spaces for businesses or any other offices but the concept is not limited to the residential properties or the high-rise buildings. sometimes the residential townhouses will be developed as condominiums and the concept is applied to the properties commercially such as the office condominium.

This is best for the people who love to share with the community living and this will be a great opportunity and best development which includes social moving with the people but has to share with the other members who are living in the condominium for the common areas like elevators, garden areas and also need to be given the priority for the maintenance.


When you look at the requirements for a condominium there are certain rules and regulations that set forth for the owners of the units in the condominium and it will be defining the areas that are to be in limited use. One of the greatest benefits of buying a condominium in Singapore is that there are developers like canninghill square who are premium quality developers with flawless developments.