What is MoviePass:

Why would people like to subscribe for moviepass:

With the changing world people have started looking out for easier and similar way to do things. One of the most important thing which people now a days are asking for is services in lesser time and at lesser price. People would like to enjoy watching a movie.But if they can get the tickets easily only then they would like to go to a theatre and watch the movie. Ted Farnsworth who was the CEO of MoviePass along with his team came up with the idea of subscribing for movie tickets. He lives in Florida and is producing movies in Syracuse which is in New York. He and his company has always been in acquisition and growing the company. It takes a lot of skill and energy to deal with acquisitions .Firstly they will have to look for the right company which can add value and which can cope up with the principles of the acquiring company. There are many logistics which has to be worked on before planning out an acquisition. However for the betterment of the company and for gaining more expertise there are companies which would go for acquisition.

Know about movie pass

Similarly Ted and company are planning for acquisition of production companies which would definitely bring in change to the business and to the company. Ted is very well known for his leading work in MoviePass. The customer had to take a MoviePass and avail a monthly subscription. They could watch any number of movies as per their choice. Ted is known for his strategic approach and creative thinking. He has the skills of analysing things and working towards making things successful. The idea of MoviePass was liked by most of the people and the subscription of MoviePass was over 3 millions at one point of time. People had seen value add by taking the subscription as they felt it was a fair deal. However there were some people who misused the complete idea of subscription. They took the subscription and sold the tickets to others rather than they using it for themselves. This way the company had to see losses as it was completely misused.


It’s easy to take subscription for movie tickets wherein we can pay a monthly fee and get tickets rather than buying tickets each and every time we visit a theatre to watch a movie.It saves time and energy for the audience.