A call center suite specializing in communication modules

The preface of the Internet, along with other technological growth, has caused incredible changes in many sectors. Technology has completely altered the making and distribution process in customer service systems. Inbound call centers in customer service have developed to be gradually more popular as a way of trying to reduce costs and increase proficiency. In the present days, there are a number of open source software contact centers existing. Vicidial is an auto dialer source application which is constantly evolving the software, thus improving its feature and security.

Vicidial is very well known with a number of organizations as one of the best contact center solutions in today’s market. It is a contact center that focusing in systematic auto dialer and inbound call routing, featuring management, chat, full reporting, and email communication section. It bonds inbound and outbound phone calls with inbound email and customer website, chat in a single web-based line.

Vicidial follow an efficient dialling algorithm and they call the customers productively. Its feature takes care of the demography and time-zones of the customers. With the help of this algorithm, they choose the correct time to call a customer. It is able to broadcast a pre-recorded message to thousands of customers. This helps to hold with a good number of customers with a future intention. The agent screen is available in sixteen diverse languages, with choices to easily build the own custom translations.

The call recording feature analyzes the customer calls and interprets the customer’s intention. This feature gives insights to prepare the agents in a much better way based on customer opinion and the way they converse with agents. If a customer has many contact numbers, then if a customer doesn’t answer on one of the numbers, vicidial begins to contact the alternate numbers one after another. This makes the option of a customer taking the call a lot higher.