bizsafe level 1

Learn bizSAFE level 1 for top level management

The world has become a global marketplace and to operate and survive in this market, you would need to follow a number of compliance rules, regulations and get certifications from various international regulatory bodies. One such certification for the safety and health of your company’s workplace is bizSAFE. Formulated by the Workplace Safety and Health council, it is now a mandatory certification required by various industries. If the industry you are operating in is also demanding bizSAFE then now is good time to get started with bizsafe level 1.

Why is bizSAFE important?

bizSAFE is a programme that educates companies to build a workplace that is safe and has apt safety and health capabilities. Adoption of bizSAFE will help you work in compliance with risk management regulations. IT can also increase your business competitive edge as it will be viewed as more safe and insured work environment. IT help you crate a positive corporate branding. By proper fulfilling of the programme you can also avail onsite WSH assistance programme. This also makes your company eligible to receive special invites to important relevant conventions and forums.

bizSAFE has become mandatory in various sectors has it helps businesses understand their legal obligations towards risk management and help formulate proper WSH policies. It helps them develop systematic risk management and assessment methodology, learn how to implement them and establish it as a system. Completion of all levels of this programme ensure that the company is delivering excellent WSH support and system.