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How to Find the Best Jigsaw Online?

Portable, lightweight, versatile, and simple to use, jigsaws is one device that deserves a top spot in your tool collection. Whereas some make our task very simple and easy and provide smooth cuts without any harm, but there are some models that give heavy vibration & jumpy cuts. So, before you click on purchase button on a saw, make sure you check in depth reviews and compare all them to make the right choice.

What is a Jigsaw & Orbital Jigsaw?

The orbital jigsaws are now becoming quite popular and widely available because of their vast range of applications & effectiveness over a wider variety of materials. The standard jigsaws will move blade up and down, while orbital jigsaws will use circular motion; on an upswing, its blade moves forward and in the material it’s cutting, whereas on downswing it moves a bit backward to reset the next cut. If you are looking to buy best jigsaw model, we suggest you check out some given factors.

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Cutting Speed

Cutting speed is generally measured in SPM or strokes per minutes where jigsaw with the higher SPM can make blade oscillate with high speed. It’s operated by an adjustable dial, which ranges from 500 to 4000 SPM and pressure sensitive trigger. Select the cutting speed as per your cutting need.

Power Source

There’re two kinds of power sources accessible for the jigsaws –cordless and corded options. Corded saw model is strong, affordable, and lighter, provide unlimited cutting time, as well as best for everyday woodworking, still will not provide mobility. But, cordless jigsaws are portable and make complex cuts & maneuverable, though they are a bit costly, heavier & have lesser cutting time.

Simple to Operate

You need to choose the model that you find it easy to operate. Tool must be curated as per your demands and needs of humanity. There isn’t any logic of building the high-tech product, which fails to meet demands of the work.